For investors looking to put their money to work without having to get their hands dirty, we have several solutions available. Please explore our Turn-Key Rental services, below is an unadorned explanation of the four-step process we offer investors.  Be sure to ask us about investing in cash flowing rental properties with your self-directed IRA.




1. Property Acquisition

Our acquisition team searches real estate markets within the Northeast Florida area, choosing neighborhood pockets indicating adequate growth, a healthy rental market, and a supply of positive cash-flow producing properties. We then continue to select only the properties which have potential to be the most lucrative. The properties are then purchased in bulk from a number of outlets including banks, REO departments, real estate holding companies, as well as the foreclosure market. Our buying power and established relationships with banks allow us to purchase income producing properties at far below market value.



2. Property Renovation

Our full service construction team refurbishes each rental property to attract quality, reliable tenants. This could consist of painting, replacing carpet, remodeling kitchens, replacing appliances, and more. The quality of our renovations is never compromised, but is done cost effectively to increase profitability.  Our strong relationships with contractors and suppliers keep prices low to pass deep discounts on to our investors.



3. Property Financing and Closing

Our clients in the end own the real estate outright, a tangible asset that is consistently outperforming today’s equity markets. Our experienced staff will also assist with lining up financing if necessary through IRA’s, traditional mortgage, hard money, etc.  Additionally, we have established relationships with third party banks for international investors. Ultimately our investors have total control over their property, meaning they can sell it at any time, or have it managed by another company if they wish.



4. Property Management

 Property management can be a time consuming and constant struggle.  Our first-rate property management services take the hassle completely out of managing your own property.  We place qualified tenants in our rental properties and handle all the details such as monthly rent collection, maintenance and upkeep, legal proceedings, property marketing, etc.  We also work closely with the Jacksonville housing authority to fill vacant units with a section 8 tenant allowing for guaranteed rental income straight from the US Government.  In the future if an investor decides to part with his property we have real estate agents staffed to sell your property at a discounted rate.