Jacksonville Comeback City for 2011

Hundreds of cities across the country were hammered by the recession, many experiencing double-digit declines in employment, throwing thousands of their residents out of work.

For some particularly hard-hit metro areas, 2011 will bring a dramatic turnaround — new investment by businesses, growth in the number of jobs and a reblooming of hope.

Recovering all the ground they lost will take years and many of the cities are still suffering with unemployment that exceeds the national average. But these cities are enjoying a surprising and welcome upward bounce.







Jacksonville, Fla.

Population: 1,328,144
Current unemployment rate: 10.6%
Forecast job growth for 2011: 2.8%

About 8.5% of this city’s jobs disappeared during the Great Recession, but financial services firms, especially large banks, are hiring again. Other industries adding workers: hotels, health care, restaurants and warehousing.

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